Nonprofit administrator, strategic communications and marketing leader, speechwriter, convener, chicken wrangler, dog chaser, recreational bird photographer

Poppy, Thor, my wife, Julie, and I split our time between Idaho’s biggest town, Boise, and one of its smallest, Atlanta.

I am the executive director of Surel’s Place, a nonprofit artist residency in the heart of the Surel Mitchell Live-Work-Create District.

I’ve been a university administrator and chief marketing officer; a newspaper reporter, columnist and editor; a public television host and producer; a ski bum; a wine steward; and a rhythm guitar and keyboard player in a rock band (listed in declining order of financial reward).

I hold degrees in anthropology and journalism from the University of California at Santa Barbara and New York University.

Strategic / Ideation / Individualization/ Communication / Futuristic

“Design is the process of going from an existing condition to a preferred one.”

Milton Glaser

My mission-driven approach:

I think communication amounts to far more than the written word.

I think relationships matter more than just about everything else — more than hierarchy, more than your great ideas.

I think you have to be intentional to get results — and it’s shocking how rare that is in communications and marketing.

I think that if you want engagement, you have to start with authenticity. Who are you, what is your mission, and why does that matter?

I think the best marketing is nothing more than understanding your institutional mission and values, achieving them and amplifying them.

You can see the highlights from my CV here.

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“There is a kind of poetry in simple fact.”

Edward abbey