Targeted, intentional, authentic

Nostalgia-inducing Boise State Brand Team photo by A. Hottinger

Life @ Boise State

My first “institutional spot” at Boise State in 2013 was based on the vibrancy of our students who were sharing what it meant to be a Bronco before we caught on. The folks at Mitchell+Palmer and a great team got what we were looking for and brought it to life.

Our strategy wasn’t to change out this spot every year, but use it to build momentum (and we are very lucky — we have more nationally televised games than most universities). We evolved the spot over time:

By 2018 we looked to a new campaign — this time realizing that we could continue to capture the authenticity of real students and faculty, but build on the lifestyle approach of the previous campaign with a focus on innovation, research and impact. (Again, big ups to Boise agency Mitchell+Palmer for picking up what we were putting down.

We were much more coordinated and intentional with “What Are You Doing Today?” — building out shorter videos and bios for the students involved and creating a sweeping suite of personal shorter videos for social media and targeted digital marketing. We also echoed the campaign in outdoor and airport marketing around Boise.

But you have to adjust when circumstances change, and of course in 2020 just about everything did. Our team pulled together a beautiful and moving in-house approach to connect with, engage and celebrate what it means to be a Bronco despite a global pandemic.

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